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Galway United launches ProjectDNA

Galway United are extremely proud to launch ProjectDNA – Developing Natural Ability.

ProjectDNA is a wide-ranging blueprint to secure the future of the club that is seeing a complete top to bottom culture change at Galway United, involving every aspect of the club, from senior management and the Galway United Co-Operative through to players, parents, officials, volunteers and fans alike.

Galway United manager Alan Murphy told that he believes this project represents a seismic shift in the way Galway United will operate in 2019 and beyond, and that such a uniquely progressive step represents a watershed moment for the club.

“The self-sustaining approach to football development and a philosophy of nurturing and promoting our elite level players may be initially viewed as revolutionary and daring by some, but it’s my belief that the newly launched ProjectDNA will be the cornerstone that the future of the club is founded upon,” Murphy explained.

The Mayo native lauded the forward thinking Galway United Co-Operative and supporters that have backed his vision for the club, and vowed that the followers of the club would ultimately reap the reward.

United’s all-time leading scorer noted how crucial it was that the club openly voiced its rejection of the quick-fix approaches of the past, in favour of a future plan based on youth and proper player profiling.

Watch the video below of Galway United manager Alan Murphy and a number his players launching ProjectDNA.

ProjectDNA in detail:

  1. ProjectDNA is a unique and revolutionary step by Galway United that will now see our club focus on identifying, profiling and securing the finest playing talent from Galway, Connacht and surrounding counties.
  2. ProjectDNA will see our club now only recruit players and individuals who we deem to possess the qualities and core characteristics required to consistently and successfully represent the club at the elite levels of Irish football.
  3. ProjectDNA will focus on a localised underage player pool supplemented by one of the best and most established academy structures in the country. 
  4. ProjectDNA will be founded on cultivating and developing the most technical and tactically talented emerging potential within our hinterland and combining those with the very best of the elder and experienced player resources within Galway and surrounding counties.
  5. ProjectDNA will be our signature footballing template and the core differentiator between our club and every other League of Ireland club.
  6. ProjectDNA will see Galway United compete in the First Division 2019 in a manner like never before and will set the foundation for how our club will enter 2020 and beyond.
  7. ProjectDNA will foster and structure competition, ambition and a clear vision.
  8. ProjectDNA will avoid quick fix approaches and instead centre on ensuring that our growth is one of steady and solid progress with success an inevitable consequence.
  9. ProjectDNA will guarantee that our club is driven by all the key stakeholders ranging from senior management, our board and the Galway United Co-Operative through to players, parents and officials with the assistance of sponsors, fans and volunteers.
  10. ProjectDNA will entrust those key stakeholders and an extensive local and national scouting network with proactively identifying emerging talent deemed to possess the ability and mentality to help our club flourish.
  11. ProjectDNA will maintain and grow existing relationships and develop key new linkages and partnerships with local clubs, underage leagues as well as schools and educational institutions across the region.
  12. ProjectDNA will make Galway United a central location for entertainment within our community and will seek to strengthen public engagement and foster positive public profile.
  13. ProjectDNA will bind our club with its existing supporters and encourage a new generation to develop a lifetime passion for Galway United.
  14. ProjectDNA will see Galway United protect and take pride in utilising our own; guaranteeing our future by fully maximising our present.
  15. ProjectDNA will guarantee that the future success of our club Galway United will be based upon its unique vision and our outstanding DNA.