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Supporter Discount Offer from Ecofuel

S P O N S O R    P R O M O T I O N

A message from Platinum Club Sponsor,

We are super stoked to finally be able to talk to the heart and soul of the Galway United team: you guys!

If you aren’t familiar with us, we’re EcoFuel. Your local supplier of sustainably sourced, forest-friendly firewood, wood briquettes, and organic charcoal. Also we’re incredibly proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of Galway United Football Club!

We’ve been in business in Galway for nearly 7 years now, but next month we’re moving location and we are super excited about it. From our home in Ballybane we are moving across the City to Millers Lane in Knocknacarra – you know it right? Just across from Aldi, right beside B&Q, you can’t miss it!

But you know what moving is like. You pay guys to move pallets of wood and briquettes from one end of the City to another and it’s just a lot of heartache, sooo… instead of paying a transport company to move them, we’re gonna give you money off buying pallets

We’re giving €50 off:

Kiln Dried Oak Pallets (Single and Double Decks)

    • Our Oak wood is ~15% moisture content so it’s super dry, once it gets lighting it will burn for AGES. It’s also harvested from sustainably managed forests making it as good for the environment as it is for your fire

Pallets of PiniKay Heat Logs

    • PiniKay Logs are made from 100% Oak and Beech sawdust compressed down, these guys are our number 1 replacement for Peat Briquettes and give out serious heat

Pallets of EcoBriquettes

    EcoBriquettes are made from repurposed Aspen sawdust so no trees were felled to make them. They are really easy to light, leave very little ash and will burn well in any type of fire

No hidden T&C’s, you get €50 off each pallet so you buy one and you’re saving €50, two €100, three…you see where I’m going with this!
To check this out for yourself, just click here.

Since we’re coming into the summer we also wanted to introduce you to our amazing Organic Charcoal!

Our Lumpwood Charcoal is made from FSC sourced wood that is prepared using ZERO paraffins or chemicals so it is entirely natural, you can literally cook your food directly on the coals (and we suggest you do!) and all you’ll get is the delicious flavours you’ve prepared with a perfect char

Right now, we’re doing a bundle offer of our charcoal where you can get just under 30KG of organic charcoal for €80 and sample our whole range of Alder, Oak, and Birch wood varieties

Click here to check out our Charcoal Bundles.